“I’ve been seeing Dr. Liu (O.M.D.) sporadically for over 2 years now. He is absolutely amazing. Two days ago I was having a bad fever together with vomiting and severe diarrhea. I know if I go to the ER, I’d wait for hours, and get dismissed in 2 minutes, maybe with a look of “don’t come bother us again for such crap: ER is for dying people!” but it was really breaking me down. I went to Dr. Liu (O.M.D.), who prescribed a bottle of herb medicine to me, and said I’ll be fine 10-12 hours later. And magically, my fever was gone after 10 hours! The diarrhea went on for another day but stopped today, too, with the continuation of the medicine.

For those of you who are wondering if Dr. Liu (O.M.D.) is just another acupuncturist, rest assured that he is capable of a lot more than that! I whole-heartedly recommend Dr. Liu (O.M.D.) to anyone with just about any kind of issues. You have every right to be skeptical: but I’m sure you’ll feel just like me if you go see him.”

Mike H. (Union City, CA)

“I have suggested Dr. Liu (O.M.D.) to many of my yoga students and go to him myself.  My specific health problems were gone, and my general health has been greatly improved. Students, who listen carefully to Dr. Liu (O.M.D.)’s healing knowledge, all show amazing improvement in body, mind and spirit as well.

Yoga and Qigong (Chi Kung) are tools for maintaining harmony and balance in body.  Sometimes training is not enough.  For those of us who are not specifically trained, Dr. Liu (O.M.D.)’s expertise in acupuncture, herbs, diet and bodywork can help us tremendously.”

Leslie S. (Los Altos, CA)

“I came to visit Dr. Liu (O.M.D.) all the way from Pyrmont, Australia.  A couple very close friends in the States highly recommended Dr. Liu (O.M.D.).  I had severe back pains for the longest time.  It still bothered me so much after trying various treatments that I had totally lost faith in getting well.  Amazingly, it took only six acupuncture sessions by Dr. Liu (O.M.D.) to completely fix my problems in a short two week period!   This is the most worthy trip I have ever taken!   My American friends say Dr. Liu (O.M.D.) is a “miracle worker”.   He truly is!   Thank you a million, Dr. Liu (O.M.D.)!”

Sarah T.  (Pyrmont, Australia)

“I appreciate what Western medicine can do.  However, there are conditions of the human body that Western medicine cannot detect with their laboratory analyses and X-rays or cannot treat with their pharmacies or surgeries. Our bodies are complex systems. 

I have had chronic neck and shoulder pain for about 5 years. Traditional medicine had tried to diagnose it with several types of X-rays with conjectures but no conclusions. I was also referred to a dentist, who, after several X-rays, fitted me with an expensive mouth splint. There was no relief.  Since there was no relief,  the dentist suggested regular shots to relax the muscles and perhaps surgery on my jaw. That didn’t sound like an appropriate solution. I then tried massage which would bring relief for about a week, but there was no lasting relief.  

I was referred to Dr. Hao Liu (O.M.D.) by a nurse with whom I work. Dr. Liu (O.M.D.) is a skilled diagnostician. He explains what the issues are in the body’s energy system, then efficiently and gently addresses those issues with acupuncture, herbs, and diet. With one session, the pain was gone. We’ve followed up with other sessions to address related issues, but the pain remains gone!  I’m sleeping better and my energy has increased. With humor, Dr. Liu (O.M.D.) says, ‘Western medicine is good, but it is only about 200 years old.  Chinese medicine is over 4,000 years old.  We’ve had a lot more practice’.”

 Susan N. (San Jose, CA)

“I am 50 years old, and… I have had the ACLs in both of my knees re-built due to ski accidents, and I now spend long hours on the computer for my job, which has exacerbated shoulder/back/arm strain issues.

In the past 15 years, I’ve found temporary relief for my various aches and pains from Chiropractors, and I have worked with a lot of Physical Therapists, and two other Acupuncturists before finding Dr. Liu (O.M.D.). But my shoulder and back pain always came back after I spent too many long days on the computer, and every year or so I had recurring hip and knee pain from running and hiking.

I began acupuncture with Dr. Liu (O.M.D.) 3 months ago, and he has eliminated my shoulder and upper back pain. I am now receiving acupressure treatment in Dr. Liu (O.M.D.)’s office, which is giving me complete relief from my hip and lower back pains. I am very impressed with everything about Dr. Liu (O.M.D.)’s office… his staff is very efficient as well as warm and welcoming, his rates are reasonable, and Dr. Liu (O.M.D.)’s diagnostic and treatment abilities have been spot-on and extremely effective for me.”

LeeAnn G. (Redwood City, CA)

“My daughter has a diagnosis of autism as well as severe dyspraxia. She has limited speech due to aphasia. She has had great difficulty with visual motor coordination and communication has been limited. Moreover, she has been sensitive to various foods and many would trigger mild allergic reactions. On top of this, she also has had a sleep disorder for several years.

We have been seeing Dr. Hao Liu (O.M.D.) for a year now, and have seen very good improvement in several areas. The first thing to improve was her immune system, which appears to be reacting more normally now. She gets appropriately sick with colds etc., not too much or too little. She is also able to handle a wide variety of foods and is able to eat out regularly. She is also showing an interest and taste for a newer range of foods. She is physically a healthier girl now.

Last year, she had been complaining of pain in her neck and back and we found out that it was scoliosis. Dr. Liu (O.M.D.) corrected it within a few treatments. He continues to work on her body alignment regularly during our visits.

Due to her dyspraxia, she has had very poor gross and fine motor skills. With Dr. Liu’s treatments, she has acquired a nearly normal ability with fine motor movements and is in the process of catching up and learning all the skills that she has missed all these years. Her pen grip is normal, pressure is good and she is able to track with her eyes much better. Her visual perception has also been improving steadily.

Her expressive skills have also improved significantly. She is now able to label much better, and is mastering three to four words a day. We also notice that when she needs to retrieve words from memory or problem solve, she will actually spend time thinking about it. I have seen her, in therapy, and think about a picture for nearly five minutes before finding the word for it. This ability to retain and think about something is such an important skill and so intrinsic to learning and I am very grateful to Dr. Liu (O.M.D.) for bringing this out in her.

We are seeing gradual, consistent progress in my daughter. Dr. Liu (O.M.D.) is very comprehensive in that he also advices us on the kind of activities and teaching methods to use we are able to put together a program that is more effective for her.

Personally, I was suffering from severe anxiety for almost three years. I started treatment with Dr. Liu (O.M.D.) and noticed that the duration, frequency and intensity was reducing gradually. Then, one day, two months later, it suddenly struck me that I had not had any anxiety for more than a couple of weeks! I have been pretty much free of it since then.
My husband once had severe pain in one of his back teeth and the dentist said that it needed to be pulled out but that he could do it only after a couple of days as he was away. My husband saw Dr. Liu hoping to get some pain relief while waiting. Instead, the doctor spent two minutes working on him and gave him some pills for his digestion which he said was the problem, not the tooth itself, and that was it. The pain went away, the tooth is quite healthy. We saved a healthy tooth and all the trouble and expense of removing a tooth unnecessarily.

The front office is very helpful and considerate. They have accommodated me even at odd or tight times and gone out of their way to help several times.”

R. G. (Sausalito, CA)

“In October 2010, I was diagnosed with a mild case of lupus. Dr. Liu (O.M.D.) immediately knew what to do. For the past 7 months, I’ve been on a series of herbs and acupuncture treatments that have significantly aided with the growth of my hair, cured a stubborn skin rash and a host of other symptoms that I’ve had. Dr. Liu (O.M.D.) is very accessible. His staff is friendly and knowledgeable. The clinic is clean and up to par which are tremendous pluses. Dr. Liu (O.M.D.) and his staff have been there for me from day one and I am truly thankful for the communication, dedication and sincere level of care that Dr. Liu (O.M.D.) and his staff provide. I am still undergoing treatments and looking forward to a symptom free future. Just recently, I was told by a second opinion physician that I may not have lupus…

As an African American woman, culturally I wasn’t raised to rely on acupuncture to assist with ailments. However, along with personal research and Dr. Liu (O.M.D.)’s openness and willingness to educate, I not only feel and look better, I’ve learned some new things too! Thank you Dr. Liu (O.M.D.) and staff for all that you’ve done.”

Amber R. J. (El Cerrito, CA)

“I was diagnosed with breast cancer at UCSF in 2009, but I am in better health today than before my diagnosis: Thanks to the help of many, but especially Hao Liu O.M.D. I am enjoying life today. Dr. Hao Liu (O.M.D.)’s treatment and cure of me is the primary reason. My body has recovered so well. He has greatly improved my quality of life.

The western approach is very aggressive. I had surgeries to remove the tumor and reconstruct my breast (s), and received total 18 chemotherapy treatments, once every three weeks over the course of a year. I began chemo in April 2009; by the end of July, after 6 torturous ‘treatments,’ I suffered from severe anemia, total hair loss (I even lost my eyebrows and eyelashes!), constant fatigue, to the point of having difficulty walking, and shortness of breath from lack of oxygen to my heart. * I could not imagine how I could survive another 12 treatments.

Luckily, I met Dr. Liu (O.M.D.) in August, and placed my trust entirely in him. I received weekly acupuncture treatments and began taking herbal decoctions every day. Under Dr. Liu (O.M.D.)’s attentive, detailed and patient aegis, my body, though still regularly bombarded/abused by chemo, eventually improved.

Finally, in April 2010, I completed all 18 chemotherapy treatments. In September 2010, I was able to travel with my family and friends to Canada for 10 days, enjoying beautiful scenery and the presence of my loved ones.

Anybody that is put through several surgeries and a year filled with 18 rounds of chemo is usually severely weakened. I was lucky to have Dr. Liu (O.M.D.)’s expertise and compassion. He gave me back my health, and made it possible for me to enjoy life again… Also, to all the kind and friendly employees at the clinic, thank you for your wonderful customer service.

I am still going to Dr. Liu (O.M.D.)’s clinic every week for maintenance care. Most recently, his capable hands have lowered my husband’s high blood pressure, a condition he’d had for decades.

Everyone knows how precious health is, but often we only learn to treasure it after losing it. Besides taking the responsibilities of caring for ourselves, it is truly a blessing to have a good doctor dedicated to caring for his patients. Again, I would like to express my profound gratitude to Dr. Liu (O.M.D.) for his help, and the fates/Buddhas/angels that brought me to his clinic.”

Mei-Luh L. (San Francisco)

“I’m from Seattle and my No.1 reason to move down to California would be Dr. Hao Liu (O.M.D.). Without any exaggeration, Dr. Liu (O.M.D.)’s medical expertise, his vast knowledge and his proficiency in the craft is the reason why I got cured of my back ailment within 7 sittings, after spending two years in pain, visiting doctor after doctor, and spending a lot of money, all in vain.
I wasn’t too familiar with acupuncture and acupressure before seeing Dr. Liu (O.M.D.), barring a couple of visits to another clinic here in Seattle. He came highly recommended from my friends, and after meeting him only once, I realized that he IS ‘the real deal.

The day I woke up to a pain-free body (after my fourth session with Dr. Liu (O.M.D.)), I decided that he was going to become our unofficial ‘family’ doctor, even if it means that we fly down to CA once in a blue moon and see him for check-ups. Now, if only he agreed to open a clinic here in Seattle…:) Life would be perfect!”

Matrayi S. (Bellevue, WA)