Video Consultation

Dr. Liu O.M.D. has helped many patients effectively improve their conditions via video consultation at the convenience of your own home.

The truth is besides acupuncture there is a wide range of wonderful methods in Traditional Chinese Medicine providers can utilize. Methods including herbal medicine, chromotherapy, acupoint patch, acupressure, cupping, etc. have all been proven to work successfully. With more than 20 years of clinical experience, Dr. Liu O.M.D. has mastered all these methods and can deliver amazing results for patients both in person and remotely.

Some of you may wonder how the video consultation looks like:

     – Our staff first sends you an easy to follow instruction on what to prepare and how to enter a zoom meeting room.

     – During the video consultation, Dr. Liu O.M.D. can accurately identify the root cause of your issue, answer your questions and prescribe the most effective therapy or herbal medicine for you.

     – You can then come to the clinic to pick up your medicine or supplies.

     – Follow Dr. Liu O.M.D.’s instructions, and enjoy your improved health!

Video consultation is available for our returning patients only. Please contact our office for appointment.