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The Healing Lounge is an oriental meditation center, where patients enjoy private and personal care, and professional and effective treatments, either therapeutic or preventative.

���������� Different from other similar clinics, The Healing Lounge, led by Dr. Hao Liu, OMD.� thrives to not only satisfy your medical or health need, but also be your lifestyle consultants who help you live a healthier, more organic and balanced life.

���������� The Healing Lounge �Whole Body System� philosophy emphasizes on your overall health. Whether you suffer from chronic pains, injuries, cancer, infertility, common flu or seasonal allergy, we accurately diagnose the root cause of your symptoms and tailor the treatment to restore your health. You will be pleasantly surprised at what The Healing Lounge can do for you and your family. We look forward to seeing you here at The Healing Lounge.

���������� Since 1998, The Healing Lounge has served tens of thousands satisfied patients. We take great pride in improving our patients� quality of life, by providing natural and organic health solutions and treatments to diseases, conditions and/or discomfort which other medical treatments had failed to resolve.