Dr. Hao Liu O.M.D. L. Ac

Born in Kunming of Yunnan in China, Dr. Hao Liu O.M.D. is the eighth generation descendant of the Royal Family Physician of the Qing Dynasty. Dr. Liu O.M.D.’s grandfather was one of the only two academicians of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in the Ministry of Health of PRC during 1960’s, who was also a founder of the Yunnan University of TCM. Dr. Liu O.M.D. has been steeped in Chinese medicine from the early age of five. At the age of six, little Hao wrote his first herbal formula, which cured his grandmother of a fever caused by the common cold.

Beside Master of Science, Dr. Liu O.M.D. was also the youngest among the first graduating class of Doctor of Oriental Medicine (O.M.D.) in the United States. Dr. Liu started his practice in 1999. With Dr. Liu’s exceptional clinical experience, our practice has benefited tens of thousands of patients over the last two decades.

Dr. Liu specializes in TCM Internal Medicine, and is adept at treating a variety of conditions including acute/chronic pain, digestive system diseases, shingles, arthritis, stroke, infertility, gynecological disorders, etc. He has successfully treated countless rare and difficult cases over the years.

Dr. Liu O.M.D.is well-loved by his patients, not just for the immediate and lasting results of his treatments, but also for the compassion he shows to every individual patient.  Since he is fond of sharing his knowledge with the general public, Dr. Liu O.M.D. often holds charitable seminars on preventative medicine and effective self-care regimes and free clinics for patients in need.  

One little known fact about Dr. Liu O.M.D. is that he is talented in music as well as the healing arts. He played piano for over ten years and was admitted to a conservatory of music with the highest marks of Yunnan Province before choosing to attend Yunnan University of TCM. Dr. Liu O.M.D. enjoys sports and exercise. He is excellent at Tai Chi, badminton, ping pong, skiing and swimming.

Sharon Shen L. Ac

Ms. Shen is an excellent healthcare provider working in the TCM field for more than 10 years.  Her solid TCM knowledge and rich clinical experience afforded her to have helped thousands of patients.  

Ms. Shen studied Chinese Medicine at top notch schools including Chia Nan University of Pharmacy and Science, Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine, and Five Branches University in California.  She earned her graduate degree and is a California licensed acupuncturist.  She is also a member of The World Federation of Acupuncture.

Prior to joining us, Ms. Shen has worked at the Akiyama Wellness Center, Taiwan National Chinese Medical School Hospital, Family Federation for World Peace and Unification, Crown Senior Wellness Center.

In early 2017, Ms. Shen stood out from all candidates to become the first apprentice of Dr. Hao Liu O.M.D.. After intensive and comprehensive training, Ms. Shen has passed the certification tests to join our medical team to take care of our patients.  

Sharon Shen L. Ac is passionate about TCM and very attentive to patients, and is specialized in traditional Chinese internal medicine and pain management.

Ms. Shen is also an expert in yoga, trampoline workouts and resistance band exercises.  She enjoys cooking and always tries out new recipes for both good health and good taste.

Bella Hsieh L. Ac

Ms. Hsieh is a compassionate healthcare provider working in the TCM field since 2007.  She is beloved by our patients for her deep understanding of TCM, effective treatment results, excellent interpersonal skills and attention to details.  

Ms. Hsieh is pursuing her Doctor of Science degree in Oriental Medicine at Five Branches University after she received her master degree at South Baylo University. She also received her bachelor and master degrees at Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine before coming to the States. 

In 2019 we welcomed Ms. Hsieh to our team.  After having successfully completed Dr. Liu O.M.D.’s Exclusive Advanced Training Program (EATP). Ms. Hsieh has become a valuable and indispensable addition to our team and our patients. 

Prior to joining our team, Ms. Hsieh had accumulated years of clinical experience at South Baylo University Clinic, Yueyang Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine in Shanghai, and Longhua Hospital Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

Ms. Hsieh is passionate about charity work and community services.  In her leisure time she also enjoys hiking and plays kalimba.   

Tina Lai, Acupressure Specialist

Tina has over 10 years of experience as an acupressure specialist, and joined our team in 2013.  With unique manual techniques developed by Dr. Liu O.M.D., Tina has effectively helped patients with: 

  • spine misalignment
  • hip imbalance
  • scoliosis
  • knee pains
  • shoulder pains
  • back and low back pains
  • internal organ energy deficiency

Holly Liu, Front Office Manager

Holly has been playing an indispensable role in our team since 2010.  Without Holly’s extraordinary proficiency in managing our busy daily routines, we wouldn’t have run smooth operations as we are today.  

Holly gained her bachelor degree in Finance at California State University, East Bay.  She previously worked as a Key Account Executive at Sandoz Pharmaceutical.       

Summer Shen, Marketing and Operations Specialist 

Summer is an outstanding and capable team player that wears many hats.  Summer gained her bachelor degree in broadcasting at San Francisco State University and worked for local PBS station for 14 years before she joined our team in 2014. 

Mei Liang, Staff Member

Mei is the co-founder of Hao’s Healing Lounge, Inc.  She earned her MBA at University of Southern California, and worked in the capacity of corporate strategy, marketing and business development in the high tech industry prior to the founding of Hao’s Healing Lounge.