Dr. Hao Liuís Biography

†††††††††††† Born in Kunming of Yunnan Province, China, Dr. Hao Liu is the eighth generation descendant of the Royal Family Physician of the Qing Dynasty. Dr. Liuís grandfather was one of the only two representatives of Chinese medicine in the Ministry of Health of the Peopleís Republic of China during the 60ís. He was also a founder of the Yunnan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Dr. Liu has been steeped in Chinese medicine from the early age of five. At the age of six, little Hao wrote his first herbal formula, which cured his grandmother of a fever caused by the common cold.


†††††††††††† Before immigrating to America, Dr. Liu graduated from the Yunnan University of TCM.  After completing a MSTCM program to become a Licensed Acupuncturist (L. Ac), he became part of the first graduating class of Doctor of Oriental Medicine (OMD) in the United States.


†††††††††††† Today, Dr. Liu has thriving clinics in San Mateo and Santa Clara, California. His practice has benefited thousands of patients in the last eleven years. Dr. Liu specializes in internal medicine, and is adept at treating a variety of conditions including infertility, gynecological disorders, shingles, arthritis, stroke, acute/chronic pain, etc. He has successfully treated countless rare and difficult cases over the years.


†††††††††††† Dr. Liu is well-loved by his patients, not just for the immediate and lasting results of his treatments, but also for the compassion he shows to every individual patient.  Since he is fond of sharing his expertise with the general public, Dr. Liu often holds free seminars on preventative medicine and effective self-care regimes. ††††† †††††††††††† †††††††††††† †††††††††††† †††††††††††† †††††††††††† †††††††††††† †††††††††††† ††††††††††††


†††††††††††† Here is an archive of the seminars from the past few years:

 September 2009, KTSF 26 TV Station, Understanding Your Body through TCM

 July 2009, World Journal, TCM Talk Series: Food as Medicine; On the Prevention and Treatment of Cancer; On the Prevention and Treatment of Stroke; How to Live with Hypertension; and TCM Perspective on Diabetes

 March 2009, Palo Alto Chinese School, Preventative Health for Women & Children and Self Care in Spring

 October 2008, KTSF 26 TV Station, TCM for Mental Healthcare

 October 2008, Los Altos Library, Self Care in Winter

 February 2008, San Mateo Senior Center, Self Care in Spring

 January 2008, Palo Alto Chinese School, On the Prevention and Treatment of Cancer

 October 2007, America Chinese Radio, How to Win the Battle for Health

 September 2007, Sonoma Science Buzz Cafť, East-West: Medicine & Science

 September 2007, San Mateo Senior Center, Nutrition and Self Care for the Elderly

 January 2007, Santa Clara Central Park Library, Chinese Medicine and Preventative Healthcare


†††††††††††† One little known fact about Dr. Liu is that he is talented in music as well as the healing arts. He played piano for over ten years and was admitted to a conservatory of music with the highest marks of Yunnan Province before choosing to attend Yunnan University of TCM. Dr. Liu enjoys sports and exercise. He is excellent at badminton, ping pong, swimming and skiing.